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CASIC Latinamerica

With permanent headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay, CASIC – Council of Latin American Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care Industries, is a non-profit international organization which, from its creation in November 1999, has continuously consolidated and strengthened itself to today represent all Latin American Cosmetic Industry Associations, of which 70% also belong to the Home Care category, with over 900 company members employing, directly and indirectly, over 1.2 million people.

The relevance this organization has attained on the world stage is due to Latin America being the fourth most important global market for the Cosmetic, Personal and Home Care Industries, after Western Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.


In 1999 on Isla Margarita representatives of the Sanitary Agencies of Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Canada, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo and Venezuela gathered. These authorities agreed that to minimize health risks and reach higher levels of quality for cosmetic products it was necessary to adopt similar legal and technical standards for control and surveillance in all countries.
In this meeting it was agreed to work toward the objective of harmonizing sanitary legislations in the region to facilitate these processes.
To meet this goal the most important companies of the cosmetic sector and National Councils grouped together and became CASIC (Council of Latin American Cosmetic, Home Care and Personal Care Industries).
Soon after meetings, known as RASA (Meetings of Latin American Sanitary Authorities), were held in which Sanitary Authorities from all countries participated, achieving, over the following years, significant progress toward the harmonization of legislation in the different regions.
In 2007, CASIC´s Statutes were completed and presented for their legalization in Montevideo, Uruguay; country which became the council´s administrative headquarters.
In 2008, the Statutes were finally approved, giving legal continuity to an Association which would continue to work in favor of the growth of the sector it represents, working in a participative and responsible manner with Authorities, industry and consumers.
From then on growth was constant, increasing the number of members with the presence of international companies, as well as a fixed structure from 2010 onwards.
CASIC has always been at the forefront of the sector in the region, increasing the coverage of its workgroups and adapting to the dynamics of the sector and the world in this region.
In 2015 it is decided that the Home Care sector will be included in the scope of products covered; Statutes are changed to reflect this.
This same year the Council promotes and supports the creation of the Central American and Caribbean Cosmetics and Home Care Council, which will become a part of CASIC.
By doing so, and with an important team of experts from member companies and permanent staff, CASIC projects itself to achieve sustainable growth in the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care industries in Latin America.


To be a facilitator for growth in the industry in Latin America, with a view of developing competitiveness, working with the governments of each country in the development of appropriate guidelines and policies, strengthening the cosmetic and home care industries, consumer protection and the promotion of physical and mental health, whilst focusing on sustainable development.


Turn Latin America into a market that is self-sufficient, with free trade and efficient procedures for all customs, commerce, logistics and sanitary processes, and is in line with international laws that are applicable to the cosmetic and home care industries.

Value Proposition


CASIC will focus its work on promoting the use of best international practices to contribute toward a sustainable, competitive and efficient growth of our Industry that results in the simplification of processes and a regulatory framework that is transparent and efficient, and guarantees access to safe, innovative products that are competitive in the region. 
Value we add:

  • Leadership in the constant generation and permanent safeguard of strong institutional relationships between our industries and regulatory and commercial authorities throughout Latin America; with significant participation in Regional Agreements (E.g. Pacific Alliance, CAN, MERCOSUR, Central America)
  • Pro-active presence in public and private debates for the anticipation or generation of legislative/normative proposals that impact regulatory and commercial framework in the region and benefit the Industry and the Consumer. Direct and indirect influence through substantiated proposals and permanent training of authorities.
  • Joint (one voice – one representative) and consensual (just one message) approach of the industry toward authorities, with the main aim of removing barriers from local, regional and international commerce, through the permanent search for regulatory convergence between countries of the region, and between these and the rest of the world (USA, European Union, Asia, Oceania, etc.)
  • Point of reference and main source of up to date information on: commercial and customs agreements, legislative initiatives, regional regulatory and commercial agendas, market intelligence, sanitary requirements, among others, throughout the entire region.
  • Forums with the participation of international experts in diverse fields with a view to tackling current topics related to the sector and its evolution, seeking agreements on the best practices to promote. Share and compare knowledge.
  • Represent our industry before sister Associations from around the world. (E.g. PCPC, Cosmetics, IAC AISE, etc.)
  • An ethical approach to the promotion and defense of the principles that this industry promotes through our governing bodies and professional staff.


  • Represent the interests of our members.
  • Promotion and development of our cosmetic, personal care and home care industries and its technology.
  • Strengthening of relationships between private entities and public authorities.
  • Promotion of the harmonization and/or convergence of Latin American legislations.
  • Integration and cooperation with similar international entities, as equals, with a view to exchanging ideas and experiences and sharing these with our members.
  • Promotion of the free circulation of cosmetic products, eliminating customs barriers and non-tariff barriers.
  • Facilitate communication between the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care Industries and consumers.
  • Provide common ground for the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care Industries, within the guidelines of healthy competition.
  • Compilation, analysis and distribution of current regulations and laws, applicable to the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Homecare industries.
  • Contribute toward the layout and implementation of a fair and sustainable regulatory framework.
  • Promotion of principles for Sustainability, Regulatory Convergence and Best International Practices.
  • Promote the development of our Latin American Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care industry.


Board of Directors

Carlos Berzunza

Ángel Acevedo
1st Vicepresident

Luciana Santi
2nd Vicepresident

Fabián Flores
3rd Vicepresident

Carla Garay

María Fernanda León

Juan Carlos Castro
Vocal Chambers

Christian Silveri
Vocal Companies


Staff CASIC:

Executive Director:
Ariel Saiz
Executive Manager:
Ma. Alejandra Benitez

Regulatory Affairs Coordinator:
Soledad Busnelli

Executive Secretary:
Julieta Nieto