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Members of the Association are grouped into Member Councils, Member Companies and other Members. Fulfillment of the corporate purpose is directly linked to the different activities undertaken by the members, who join efforts to fulfil the Associations Corporate Purpose. Members can be:

  1. Member Councils. Are the Councils, Associations and Bodies related with the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care Industries which are based in a country or sub-region within Latin America or the Caribbean, concurrent with the articles of incorporation and those which later join the Association.  
  2. Member Companies. Are the companies related with the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care Industries with presence in at least four countries of the Latin American and Caribbean region, and which are members of at least 3 Member Councils of the Association and those which later join the Association.
  3. Other members:
    1. Adherent Companies: are companies that are linked to the value-chain of the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Home Care Industries and are operationally active either directly or through member companies in the Latin-American region.

For these companies to be Adherent they must be involved and committed to the goals and objectives of CASIC, as laid out in the statute.

  1. Adherent Associations: are organizations, associations, institutions or other bodies which are linked or have interests related to the industry.
  2. Honorary Members

The Directive Commission may propose as Honorary Members, with the favorable vote of two thirds of their members, natural or legal persons who have dedicated themselves to encouraging and promoting the development of the specific industry, object of the Association, presenting services that are worthy of being highlighted for the consideration of everyone, informing the Assembly of this, who will ultimately be responsible for approving these designations.

All members must have a legal representative.

Chamber Members

Argentina - CAPA
Brasil – ABIHPEC
Bolivia – AB COH – CNC
Centroamérica – CACECOS

Chile - CCC
Colombia - ANDI
Costa Rica - CCCR

El Salvador - CCS
México - CANIPEC
Panamá - CCIA
Paraguay - CAEDHPA
República Dominicana - AFAPER

Venezuela - CAVEINCA
Uruguay - CUPCAT

In bold, the Chamber Members of CASIC that represent the category of home care products(70%)

Company Members